Essay about A Interview On The Law Enforcement

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The individuals that I interviewed were picked because they are on two different spectrums of the criminal justice field, and when looking at what career track one might want to take I feel that it is crucial to inspect every aspect of the field. I chose to interview Officer Brent Seese from East Jordan Police Department. This interview was important to me seeing as I am looking to join the law enforcement track. I knew I had to do an interview in the law enforcement track because I felt I needed to hear about what I may be doing and my future. My next interview was done with criminal defense attorney, Ross Hickman. This is the opposite side of the criminal justice field, and I feel shares many similarities that I did not expect with the law enforcement interview that I conducted previously. I chose an attorney because I feel as though it something so different from law enforcement that it would be an interesting switch from what I already have learned about through my connections with law enforcement. My interview with Officer Seese was interesting in the terms of what I was expecting compared to the responses I got. Brent Seese is an officer at the East Jordan Police Department. Officer Seese was my baseball coach for some years growing up and is a family friend . During our interview, he was glad to help with all my questions. I learned that the average salary for the law enforcement track can vary greatly but is really dependent on the area that you work. On average…

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