A Interview On The Fourth Athletic Program And Director That Would Be A Good Interview

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The third athletic program and director that would be a good interview is a high school that is located in a rural setting. An athletic director who can build and maintain successful sporting programs in a setting with limited resources and a small pool of student-athletes to work with can be a valuable resource to glean strategy, motivation, and work ethic. A high school in a rural setting presents students who come from families in a lower socioeconomic class and many whom may have to work on farms before and after school while maintain their grades and training for the sports they participate in. The athletic director may be the football and track-n-field coach and teach a class or two along with his duties of running the athletic department. Therefore, interviewing this type of sporting manager would be great insight in how to build a successful program while being responsible for other important duties.
Interview Questions The following is a list of questions that I would ask an athletic director in each of the above school and athletic department scenarios along with the why and rationale I would ask the particular question. 1. In the hierarchy of philosophical steps for administrators, there is a deductive process in order to obtain expected outcomes of the department. They are philosophy, mission, goals, objectives and expected outcomes (Jensen, 2003). Philosophy is at the base of the pyramid which is made up of principles, values and theories…

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