A Interview On Marriage Counseling Session Essay

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith contacted the office to schedule a marriage counseling session. Both parties were on the phone as the receptionist assisted the couple with scheduling an appointment. Once the receptionist scheduled the couple’s appointment the call was then transferred to the marriage counselor. The counselor gave the couple a homework assignment that was to be completed before their first session.
The couple arrived to their appointment on time with their homework assignment completed. After collecting the couple demographic information and signing the consent forms. I explained to them that I am a mandated reporter, nevertheless the couple wanted to continue with session one. The homework assignment was for each partner to write down what brought them to counseling and what do they think the problem is in their marriage?
Both partners stated that if they did not seek counseling then their marriage will end in a divorce. Neither party wanted to go down that road. The couple were both raised with a Christian background. The issues each partner pointed out that were in common was the loss of passion for each other, trying to change each other, breakdown in communication, arguments, and possible separations. The next homework assignment that was given to the couple was to read One More Try: What to do when your marriage is falling apart by Gary Chapman.
The session will be once a week for 10 weeks 90 minutes each session. The couple is instructed to read two…

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