A Interview On Learning Through Dialogue Essay

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Learning through Dialogue

The person selected for the interview was a friend. He is of the Nation of Islam Muslim religion. The interview was conducted at his residence. He was very open about his faith and beliefs. I was not nervous there has been many discussions on the differences of religion, but was concerned of the questions set to ask leading to awkwardness on the part of the interviewer. During the interview, there were times where he needed me to clarify what the questions wanted in response. I was able to do so by explaining my response to the question as a Christian. Barnes (2014) helped explain this clarity of differences by saying, “It is always possible to see things differently; fresh experience may well force us to re-imagine the way things appear to be” (p. 47). He felt more comfortable with providing me with accurate response when I clarified the question. He was determined to ensure I had a clear understanding of what he was saying as to not confuse his words.
Part 1: Interview

There was first conversation about feeling open to express what the interviewee wanted in response to the questions being asked. He was informed that he could refuse to answer any question that her felt made him uncomfortable or one in which he did not want to share information about. Once the agreement was made, the first question was posed in reference to explaining the meaning of life as a Muslim in the Nation of Islam? His response was quick and to the point. He explained…

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