A Interview On A Job Interview Essay

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During my time as a recruiter, there were many times when people left jobs shortly after starting, because they ended up hating the company.

Likewise, as a business coach I hear similar stories from individuals wanting to leave the corporate world to work for themselves. They took a job and now they hate it. They are desperate to leave and feel building a business is the way out.

Often times these scenarios could have been completely avoided had they asked some very important questions during the initial job interview. People tend to forget this, but a job interview is just as much about a candidate feeling out a company as it is about a company feeling out a candidate.

Additionally, it’s not like hiring managers and recruiters will tell you everything up front - you have to actually do some detective work and ask.

Try asking some of these questions during the job interview to see if you even want to work for a particular company. Trust me, it will save you some headaches down the road.

What is the company culture like?

Not all companies operate the same way. Some are a jeans and t-shirt kind of company. Others are a little more formal. You would think this doesn’t matter if your primary goal is to get a paycheck, but millennials have proven that there’s more to wanting a job than money.

A recent survey suggests that 45% of millennials plan to actively seek new work in 2015. The main reason is because they are looking for better company culture. Millennials tend to…

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