Essay on A Interview At Wyckoff Wound Clinic

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CM normally meets with the client for face to face meeting on Friday. On 4/14/2016, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review because client has an appointment scheduled at Wyckoff Wound Clinic. In the meeting client reported she was discharged from Wyckoff Hospital on 4/11/2016, due to her lymphoma and open ulcer wound. She also reported she has follow up medical appointments. During the meeting client had a head wrap around with a beige scarf and knit hat. CM inquires the reason client have her had wrap. Client replies “People are out to get me and the doctor uses the telescope to gather information from my brain”. Then she replies “don’t worry about”. She also had a tissue paper covering her left eye. CM inquires the reason she is wearing tissues paper over her eyes. Client reply “no one punch me in my eye” I wearing the paper because I need dark shade. During the interview she was very talkative and jumping from one subject to another she wasn’t making any sense what she was talking. She also mentioned she has an attorney to sued channel 5 & 7, but client refuses to disclose any information or to sign a Release Form for CM to contact lawyer.

SOCIAL UPDATE: Client continues to report she is a loner most of time because residents will not approach her due to her open ulcer wound. She continues to report she has a lot of money coming to her and once she received the money she will purchase a Mink coat.

CM also inquires if the client knows the whereabouts…

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