Essay on A Interview About Thomas Last Night

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May fifth, 1871 - Sean came home tonight concerned about Thomas. No one has seen him since yesterday evening. A field hand saw him walking down the lane heading toward Glendara.
That was his usual route. He always came by the house on his way home to check on Patrick and me.
I did see Thomas last night. I wanted to speak with him and make him understand that there could never be anything between us except friendship.
Thomas told me he would not have taken the liberty to assume otherwise. He could see how much Sean and I loved each other. He simply wanted to look out for our welfare when Sean was not around as any friend would.
I thanked him for everything he has done for me and my family, and then he left to go home. Our conversation went well, or so I thought. No one saw him after that, and he did not show up for work in the fields this morning.
Sean and I are both concerned. Thomas is always the first one to arrive to direct the laborers. I can only hope it was not because of our talk last night that he has left.
I informed Sean of my meeting with Thomas as I do not want to keep any secrets from him.
He assured me that Thomas would never have left because of our discussion. Everything would be fine. Thomas would show up soon. It could simply be a family emergency, but I could see the worry on Sean’s face. He did not hide it well.
I could also tell he refused to disclose something that was important. What, I do not know.

It was probably the Postmaster’s letter.…

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