A Interview About Insurance Coverage Essay

1075 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Someone has to pay for the expense the company needs to cover for the insurance. No matter what insurance coverage your doctor must be in the network unless you want to pay more by going out of the network. Small or medium groups he cost would be the same. However, the bottom line for the employer would always be cheap, but coverages should be good. It would also be great if when an employee leaves his employer’s company, changing job or retiring that the insurance would go with him, but it’s always too expensive when one does and individual plan.
My plan would be to find the insurance that’s reasonable, good coverage, something that could be taken with you when you quit or retire that would be reasonable. One thing would be that as an employee I would want to find an insurance that I could afford because just like everyone else I have bills and expense. The doctor I would choose would be one I would respect and one I could use, evens he is not on the network schedule, I don’t like the idea that you get penalized from not using a network doctor. The cutting is done on abused and misused services would be checked out if they aren’t necessary and the outcome isn’t worth it or has no baring on the problem don’t get them.
The outcome would be my top priority and quality care for a reasonable price. Outpatient test if possible, my job would be to check out and get the best qualified, affordable and reasonable coverage that I could, my coworker’s as my responsibility to…

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