A Interview About A Boy Named John Essay

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This paper is about a boy named John. John is a 16-year-old, African-American boy from Nevada. He has two younger siblings a brother and sister. His mother and father had divorced in 2011, due to the stresses of two full-time jobs. Bobby, John’s father was a successful lawyer he was very rarely home at a decent time. As a result of his absence Linda, Johns mother lost feelings for her husband. A year after the divorce Bobby became an alcoholic and was fired from his job. Depressed from the heartbreak of his divorce Bobby found a job working in a bar, where most of his time was spend anyways. Linda left Nevada and decided to make a new life for herself.After a long debate, Linda gave Bobby full custody. Bobby started to become very abusive to the kids. Due to his heavy drinking, he became never neglectful of the kid 's needs. Not long after Bobby got his job at the bar he became neglectful of paying his bills. Slowly over a few months, the bank started to take their possessions. First went the cars and then went the house. Within a year and a half of the divorce with four of them were homeless. Without a shower and a change of clothes, Bobby was soon let go from the bar. They soon started living in homeless shelters. All the kids quit school and had to focus on survival. Bobby soon had all the kids stealing from stores in the community. Statistics show that black families are seven times more likely than white families to stay in homeless shelters (Huffington post). “The…

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