Essay about A Internal Aspects Of Medea

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A. Internal Aspects
1. Background
Medea is a witch, who uses black magic. Medea fled from a city in Asia with Jason after killing her brother. After leaving Asia, Medea and Jason live in the city of Corinth. After some time, Jason leaves Medea for King Creon’s daughter, Glauce. King Creon decides to exile Medea and her children from the city of Corinth, due to his fear of a revenge from Medea. Medea then pleads for one more night in Corinth, so she can gather up her and her children’s belongings. King Creon agrees to these terms, which is how Medea’s story begins.
2. Mental
The audience would assume that Medea’s character was happy with her life and family before Jason broke her heart and King Creon exiled her and her children. One would only distinguish that Medea would be heartbroken and distraught after her trials and tribulations. However, as the play goes on, Medea’s heartbreak turns into hatred and animosity.
3. Emotional
As the play evolves, Medea goes through many emotional changes. She was once happily married with two children. Then she receives the news of Jason’s infidelity, in which she is heartbroken. However, once she has been exiled from Corinth, her attitude quickly changes from being grief-stricken to hostile and revenge-seeking. Throughout the rest of the play, Medea follows through with her revenge on the ones who she had felt wronged her.
4. Basic Motivating Desire
Jason’s faithlessness was the seed of the many problems that Medea challenges throughout…

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