A Interesting Point That Pascoe Brings Up Essay

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E: Furthermore, another interesting point that Pascoe brings up is this notion of compulsive heterosexuality, which is how boys force themselves to be “manly” in a way to show they are just as masculine as their peers. L: Yeah especially in the example of Chad, who was the “stud” of the school. He was kind of the typical masculine guy because he was athletic, handsome, and could get girls, which are the things that guys at River High either wanted to be like or pretended to be like to fit in with their peers.
E: Exactly, all of the boys at the school were constantly trying to one up each other especially when it had to do with sex. A lot of the boys felt that they either needed to be having sex or acting like they were to prove to others they were getting as many girls as all the other guys.
L: Along with that, boys were constantly trying to prove to themselves and to their peers that they were attracted to girls and that they weren’t gay. The boys constantly had to prove their heterosexuality to one another to show they were a man.
E: Boys also had a lot more leeway with their outspokenness about sex than girls did. Boys would yell sexual innuendos in class while hardly any girls did.
L: And also there was a complete difference in the perception between genders and having sex. Boys who were having a lot of sex were seen as cool while girls who were doing the same thing were labeled as a “slut.”
E: Another part of this that I found interesting was the way girls reacted…

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