A Human Resource Coordinator For Holiday Inn Essay

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About five years ago my husband received orders that we were to be stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas. Living in Arkansas, I was able to obtain a job as a Human Resource Coordinator for Holiday Inn. They had just finished construction and was gearing up for their grand opening. While working as a Human Resource Coordinator, I was in charge of interviews, placement, employee benefits, safety regulations, and payroll. Moreover, I managed unemployment and worker’s compensation claims for employees. Also, I handled the orientation process for all the new employees, along with exit interviews for those current employees. Furthermore, I managed the benefits administration such as jury duty, sick leave, vacation, and 401K plans for employees. As a Human Resource Coordinator for Holiday Inn, I organized the company’s personnel program to include posting job advertisements, performing background checks and checking references. Moreover, I had to implement changes with employee benefits for the company as well. It was mandatory for me to utilize my multi-tasking skills in prioritizing my management skills while executing effective solutions to achieve the business objectives for Holiday Inn.
Company Description
Holiday Inn is a hotel chain that operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. For the most part, the company is always looking for new ways to grow their business by expanding to other brands or branching out globally. The hotel chain is owned by…

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