A Human Life Essay

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The Inviolability of a human life is something that essentially all people hold to be true. But in the case of abortion the waters become muddied and all discussion turns from peaceful discussion too hateful rhetoric. What Judith Thomson does allows some leeway so that a form of discussion can commence. She tries to break down her opposition’s main talking points by allowing for one of the highly contingent positions to be true for the sake of discussion. She does this so that she can state that even with the allowance that a fetus is a person from the moment of conception is does not allow an anti-abortion argument any more validity. I believe Miss Thomson to be mistaken in all cases and therefore will refute some of what she has to offer.
Miss Thomson starts her paper with an attempt to dismantle her opposition’s credibility so that she sounds more credible herself. She states that all the arguments anti-abortionists have proposed a slippery slope fallacy. However, all she has done here is to have made an anecdotal statement about how no one can decide when life begins, and anything that comes close to this argument should not be held as credible. She gives the comparison of an acorn and how compared to a giant oak and how they have virtually nothing in common. (Judith Thomson 349) I have also heard the argument that a human fetus and a pig fetus are essentially the same, but how can the two be compared? Yes, a fetus and a fully grown human are very different, yet a human…

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