A Hospital Administrator 's Responsibilities Essay

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Hospital Administration
A hospital administrator’s responsibilities on a day-to-day basis are endless. From staffing issues, to budgeting, addressing patient satisfaction and quality of services, handling physician relations, organizational financial performance, internal technology acquisition, and new service development (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2010) - the complexity of the healthcare industry makes it one of the most difficult organization to manage, by far (Baker, 2001). Hospital administrators are consistently challenged with balancing the community’s needs (external) and business needs (internal) within the context of community and organizational values (Pierce, 1996). Ethical conduct is an important aspect to the daily operations of a healthcare administrator’s job. This paper will discuss ways hospital administrators can improve their level of social responsibility in daily operations by their ethical conduct.
Role and responsibility
Healthcare administrators provide leadership and direction through non-direct care and support care for patients. They oversee task efficiency and the coordination of departments, which aid in maintaining organizational goals (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2010). Recognizing your role of ethical responsibility, as an administrator, being a good stward if resources and applying it directly to daily activities and goals of the organization is a necessity for seamless organizational efficiency. Therefore, a hospital…

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