A History Of The World Essay examples

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n A History of the World in Six Glasses, Tom Standage the embarks on journey through history of mankind and the significance of certain beverages. Therefore, Standage goes to show how human first started settled down, while showing that humans aren’t living that nomadic life inadvertently we owe our thanks to magical properties wild grains. Lending the ability to be stored for prolong period of time to feed on at later date. Eventually, the wild grain would become important to process to creating, while it was discovered my mistake through leaving grains to sit in water in closed container. In addition, to the discovery of beer having certain abilities to make drinking water even safer, regardless not all bodies of water for safe for consumption. When taking glance back in time at beer and wine. Does one more influence than other or they equal. What are cultural changes they brought to society influence of agriculture.
According to Standage, shortly after humans started to settled down in one location. Eventually as humans picked up to the practice of farming in addition, mankind quickly discovered the spectacular properties of wild grains. Accordingly,to these properties it varies from many other food sources, in addition they could be stored for future consumption from months or even years later, if kept safe (13).The result, led to the development of told techniques to collect, process, and store grain (13). As mankind started to farm growing our own food consume and…

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