A History Of The World Essay

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A History of the World in Six Glasses
There are many ways to look at history. Many perspectives from the past that form today. In his book, A History of the World in Six Glasses, Standage examines the most popular 6 drinks throughout history to describe how they influenced the development of the world. He takes the reader on an odyssey from the mesopotamian era to the 21st century and from beer to Coca Cola, proving that what was thought to be irrelevant to history has affected it by sparking revolutions and advancing scientific and intellectual movements.
Standage shows through the first drink, beer, how the transformation from nomadic life to civilization and agriculture can be symbolized by the transformation from water to beer. Beer first became famous in Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was consumed by everyone rich and poor, which gave a sense of equality at the time. It help influence the Neolithic period since it was a reason to adopt agriculture. As made clear by Standage, beer was a discovery rather than an invention.
It contributed to the social structure and development of these regions because it was made a social and religious drink, it was made a currency people were paid their wages in and it served medicinal purposes that further developed the regions. Standage makes very reasonable claims in this chapter by saying that beer had some influence on building the civilizations, but he didn’t give beer the credit of being the main reason why they were built. This makes…

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