Essay about A History Of The World

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In A History of the World in 6 Glasses, Tom Standage embarks on a journey through history of mankind on the significance of agriculture to our early society. Eventually, leads to the rise of certain alcoholic beverages in our modern/early society. Thus, Standage briefly goes over how humans settle down, which leads to the creation of cities, our departure from our old nomadic lifestyle as hunter-gatherer, due to humans growing their own food from the wild grains discovered. Eventually our crops that are grown are directly entwined with the discovery of alcoholic drink. With the rise of cities and the demand of food source growing due to large population, and how does that directly link alcoholic drinks to great influence to early human society.
According to Standage, eventually as humans started to settle down to a specific location was shifted from our nomadic lifestyle that humans have done for years. Thus, inadvertently would lead to the rise of cities, in addition to meet the needs of larger communities, people picked up the trade of farming thus growing wild grain that could be consumed. Eventually, humans discovered something very spectacular about the certain properties of wild grain. Accordingly, due to these certain properties of wild grains, it was completely different from other food sources, in addition, they could be stored for future consumption from months to even years later (13). The result, led to the development of techniques to collect, process, and…

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