`` A History Of Latina / O Sexualities `` By Robert Courtney Smith

956 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
It is known throughout many communities that Latinos and Latinos are very zenophobic when it comes toward sexuality and gender roles. This feeling that comes to money of Spanish descent carried the same fears and disgusts due to the conditioning that was applied to them by their forefathers and foremothers. To help explain these reasons this essay will use Ramòn A. Gutierrez’s “A History of Latina/o Sexualities”, Robert Courtney Smith 's “Gender Strategies, Settlement, and Transnational Life In The First Generation”, and lastly Lorena Garcia 's’ “She Old School Like That”. All from “The New Latino Studies Reader:A Twenty First-century-perspective”.
Gutierrez starts off her reading with the Oxford English dictionary 's explanation of the word Latino and how its origin comes from Spanish Latinoamericano. Every Latino and Latina in the United States of America came from a parent or grandparent who migrated legally or illegally to the USA be it personal reasons or for safety reasons. With the migrated came the personal beliefs. The basis of the beliefs is that men should work jobs suited for men and women should stay home performing jobs associated with women yet this all changed when coming to America. Roles ultimately changed as well as classic morals many Latino as well as classic morals many Latino/a’s accepted the change and we 're freely being what they wanted to be: bisexual, homosexual, and lesbians. Gutierrez explains the history of why the Latino people put strict…

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