A History Classroom Is Important For Student Success Essay examples

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A history classroom is unlike most others in a high school setting. Topics covered in August and September, although not close in historical time, relate very closely to those taught in April and May. For example, the Progressive Era of the early 1900s ties directly to governmental actions of the 2000s. While other topics build on each other, few of them are as intertwined and long running as history. Therefore, literacy in a history classroom is extremely important for student success. Historical literacy requires students to read a document, analyze the writer’s stance and connect it to the subject at large. While this can be difficult with English speaking students, it can be made even more challenging when there are English language learning (ELL) students in the classroom. In order to study strategies that would benefit both ELL and English speaking students, Carpenter (2014) studied at risk students in a 9th grade American History class in a southwestern U.S. high school. The study followed two lessons. The first focused on how the Virginian Declaration of Rights influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence by studying the representation of events and participants to better understand the options available at the time and the historical relevance of the choices made. The second focused on how Upton Sinclair used different language to stir emotion in its readers and government. Overall, the strategies used in both lessons gave both ELL and…

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