A Historical Nature Of Formal Sociology Essay

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Simmel, Georg

Life and career
Philosophical position
The process of social development
Relationism and the concept of society
The nature of sociology
Formal sociology
A historical nature of formal sociology

Georg Simmel (1858-1918), German philosopher and sociologist, is still a controversial figure. While some hail him as the founder of modern sociology, others see in him only as a brilliant stylist who failed to develop a systematic theory. It is true that Simmel was no system builder and was often preoccupied with defining approaches?philosophical, historical, or sociological?which he illustrated with his substantive analyses. Late translation of his work initially stinted his presence in Western sociology, but he has since become widely acknowledged for his work?s application in the realm of microsociology.

Life and career
Simmel?s father was a Jewish businessman who had become a Roman Catholic; his mother was of Jewish origin but a Lutheran. Simmel, baptized as a Lutheran, later renounced his church membership but retained a philosophical interest in religion. While he was still in school, his father died. His guardian later left him a small fortune, which enabled Simmel to live as a scholar even when he was without a salaried academic position. He studied history, folk psychology, the history of art, and philosophy at the University of Berlin, where he received his doctorate in 1881. His…

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