A High Appreciation Of Art, Music, And Nature Essay

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This person is very high in Openness. Such people include attentive to inner feelings, active imagination, aesthetic sensitivity, preference for variety, intellectual curiosity, and independence of judgement. They are willing to entertain novel ideas and unconventional values, and they experience both positive and negative emotions more keenly than do closed individuals. They have a high appreciation of beauty in art, music, and nature. These individuals tend to be creative. They have a high appreciation of beauty in art and nature.

Also, this person is very high in Agreeableness. The agreeable person is fundamentally altruistic. He/She is sympathetic to others and eager to help them, and believe s that others will be equally helpful in return. The individuals may be associated with the Dependent Personality Disorder.

Next, this person is high in Conscientiousness. The conscientiousness person is purposeful, strong-willed, and determined. High C tends to be associated with academic and occupational achievement. Also, high C scorers are scrupulous, punctual, and reliable.

This person is average in Neuroticism. Individuals scoring in this range are average in terms of their emotional stability. They are neither low nor high in self-esteem. The individuals may experience stress but it does not impact functioning. This individual can cope at a moderate level with not a lot of impulse.

Lastly, the individual score in the low range in Extraversion. Such people are…

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