A Hero's Journey To The Future

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Threngar and I both paced about the tavern, biting our fingernails in fear of what awaited us. It usually was an honor to be issued a quest by the King, especially when he personally seeks you out. But what King Blaise had in mind was far from any ordinary quest, it was a suicide mission.
Ever since my retirement I’ve longed for the chance to get back on the battlefield, and I know Threngar has as well. We were once King Blaise’s personal guards, tasked in taking care of whatever threatened him or his kingdom. Together we felt as though nothing could stop us, and to this day we still believed it. That was until we got a very unexpected visit, from King Blaise himself.
When he first told us we were being sent on one final quest, it never occurred
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Light seeped through the upstairs window meaning Elena was still awake, or she just fell asleep reading her book again. A part of me wished it was the second option. I can already hear her now. You’re too old to do this! We have a baby on the way! I wish I could just end this with a flick of the wrist, and go back to my normal everyday life of farming. How could I have been so foolish. Who in their right mind would want to go back to battle, when they already have everything they want. I have a loving wife, a beautiful child a month or two from being born, and a lifestyle I so desperately fought for all those years ago. I can’t do this. Tomorrow I’ll travel to the keep and inform King Blaise of my decision. As for now, I need some well needed shut …show more content…
It is new. Tauriel down the street lent it to me since I’ve finished all of mine,” she said gesturing to her packed bookshelf. “But you know, this one really reminds me of you.”
“Oh yeah, why’s that?”
“Well,” she said picking the book back up again. “It’s about a dragon slayer who saves his village from, you guessed it, a dragon.”
“Wow, where have I heard that one before?” I joked.
She laughed and lightly smacked me with the book.
“You’ve done that!” she explained as if I’ve forgotten my own adventures.
“Yes, yes I know. Just messing with you.” I chuckled.
We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. She went back to reading and I just lied there in bed, staring at the wooden ceiling. Honestly, I forgot all about that dragon attack. It seemed so long ago. I was considered a hero that day, it was one of the greatest moments of my life, how could I forget that? Actually, I forgot entirely what it is to be a hero.
“Elena, I. . . I have something to tell you.”
I explained to her what the King intended Threngar and I do. The more I explained, the more her face seemed to darken. Her happy and fun nature faded. The book she was so invested in, seemed like a mere

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