A Hero: The Characteristics Of Beowulf As A Hero

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In the Anglo-Saxon era the term hero was originated from the Greek language, born through the word protector and defender. In the Anglo-Saxon time period I would say that the label of a hero is earned by portraying yourself as a warrior. Within the Anglo-Saxon culture, a hero must display the qualities of a prideful, intelligent, and most importantly a warrior. Beowulf shows all of these characteristics, he fights for his people until death becomes his next battle. Even at times where Beowulf’s back is against the wall and the odds are against him he accepts every challenge thrown his way and prevails more often than not. Beowulf is undoubtedly a hero in the Anglo-Saxon era due to the bravery and courage he displays throughout this poem. By never backing down from a challenge Beowulf puts himself in the hero category amongst others. In our current society today a hero is defined as “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character”. I believe a hero to be someone who puts their own life on the line to keep others safe. Someone who is not afraid to sacrifice everything they have to save someone else. In our time period today a hero displays the qualities of …show more content…
Beowulf presents the same qualities as a hero in our society today. An instance in the poem where I see Beowulf’s action as unheroic and questionable is before his final battle. When Beowulf is about to fight the Dragon he tells his men he will fight it alone, in the society today the heroes are always working together no one is ever alone. I find this action of Beowulf unheroic and it costs him his life in the end. I believe that Beowulf had the thought in his mind that he was invincible and that no one could match up with him which ended up costing him his life. I find what Beowulf did questionable because he knew that he was becoming weaker after each battle but he still thought he could win the toughest battle

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