A Hero Of Our Time Essay

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Does the novel follow or reject the conventions of Romanticism. A Hero of Our Time follows the conventions of romanticism. The book sees each main character as naturally good, it evokes a pleasant kind of melancholy life in the main characters, and it has very natural romantic settings. A Hero of Our Time is a good literary example of the romantic style.

First, In the first novella entitled Bela, where we meet Captain Maksim Maksimych who introduces us to the main character Grigory Aleksandrovich Pechorin. Junior Captain Maksimych seems very fond of Grigory when he describes him to our first narrator a Russian officer coming to the caucasus. The captain said, “ A charming fellow he was, I can assure you, but a little odd. He might spend, for instance, the whole day hunting in the rain, in the cold; everybody would get chilled through and exhausted, but not he; and some other time he 'd be sitting in his room, and just a gust of wind would come, and there he would be, insisting that he had caught a cold.” The Captain is describing the goodness of Grigory. Pechorin is seen as a very romantic character especially when he first meets Bela at the wedding of the prince’s eldest daughter. Junior Captain Maksimych then described Pechorin taking Bela away from the horrible man she was with. The revolutions that were happening at in Europe at the time that this novel is set were not necessarily on the minds of the characters. In “The Springtime of Peoples”, it describes,…

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