A Hero By George Macdonald Essay

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A hero is someone who meets a need, has an impact on others or rescues someone whose life is in jeopardy. A hero is selfless and kind and good. In many works of fiction or fantasy there is a hero to save the day, there is someone that helps others achieve their goal or be in peace. But there is not always a need for a hero. Lilith: A romance by George Macdonald, does not require a hero. This is proven by the fact that every character was their own enemy and savior, the presence of a hero would not have of changed the story and finally, the story was more about self-discovery than anything else.
In the novel, every character was their own enemy and savior. To start, Lilith, or known as the Princess, the white leech, or the spotted leopardess, did not need a hero because she saved herself. When she said “add quote”, she allowed herself redemptions for her actions. Lilith being the first wife of Adam, in Judaism, left her husband because she wanted to be loved and not possessed, she said that all men since a thousand years have not been able to give her love that she could give back. Hence she let the Shadow, also known as Satan, bring her on the dark side and commit evil deeds. However, near the end of the novel when she entered Adam and Eve’s house, Lilith let the light take her back to goodness and forgiveness. She allowed herself a better ending. That is why the novel did not need a hero. To add, the Littles Ones were also their own heros. The Little Ones or the dwarves,…

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