Essay on A Healthy Environment Is An Essential Part Of Life

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A healthy environment is an essential part of life. One goal that is addressed in the healthy people two thousand twenty is environmental health. The objective is to promote health through a healthy environment. The environmental factors that are being focused on right now are outdoor air quality, surface and ground water quality, toxic substance and hazardous waste, global health environment, and climate change. Nurses and their patients are affected in numerous ways by all of these issues, and it is the nurses’ goal to be an activist and raise awareness to patients. By doing those simple things it will allow them to achieve a much healthier environment for all.
According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP] (2016), “Our poor air quality is linked to premature death, cancer, and longer term respiratory and cardiovascular systems” There is still quite a bit of progress to be made to decrease the air pollution in the environment. As a nurse it is important be an activist and raise awareness. An excellent topic to review is the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. As for nurses around the work place it is important for them to remember to minimize waste, use energy as efficiently as possible and follow the facilities proper waste disposal policies. By doing these simple tasks, every day, it can aid in reaching the goal of reducing the poor amount of air quality in the United States.
Another topic that relates to environmental health…

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