A Healthy Beach Body Essay

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AnaBerBurn is a contemporary supplement made of time tested ingredients assembled into a revolutionary combo that concurrently accomplishes the seemingly contradictory goals of promoting muscle anabolism, inhibiting muscle catabolism and eliminating fat tissue. This complex compound is built for the well-read amateur athlete with an eye for personal bodily aesthetic while simultaneously being safe enough for the most overworked professional contender. If attaining a healthy beach body is only secondary to your desire to gain a competitive edge AnaBerBurn provides the ability to maintain or cut fat while gaining strength benefitting any weight dependent sport such as wrestling, cheerleading, boxing, dance, rowing, MMA, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding at all levels. The seemingly paradoxical effects of AnaBerBurn are made possible by the following ingredients: the main branched chain amino acid responsible for muscle building, leucine; Leucine’s metabolite Hydroxy-MethylButyrate (HMB), that inhibits catabolism exclusive of its mother amino acid; and berberine, an alkaloid of the turmeric tree with incredible non-stimulatory fat burning properties often utilized in classical Chinese medicine since 3000 BC. Supplementation of leucine is promotes muscle growth through the following mechanisms: activation of muscle promoting protein complex mTORc1, occurring via amino acid stimulated intracellular calcium increase which is likely leucine derived due to its more…

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