Essay on A Healthy Appealed Diet For People With Chronic Disease

964 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
The First time I came across planning a healthy appealed diet for people with chronic disease back when I was in high school. I saw my grandfather who was like a father to me suffering with his new diabetes diagnosis and complaining about the plain meal that my grandmother prepared to him. At that moment, I search the Internet for food recipes that are delicious, healthy and suitable to his health condition, and I prepared a meal that becomes his favorite. This practice opens my mind to the Nutrition discipline. Not only I became interested in this field but also, I became interested in how I had the ownership of solving my grandfather’s problem through research. In the Problem solving practice, I gained numerous experiences, in which I applied more when I trained in the hospital. In fact, working in the hospital urged me to think out of the box compared with what in the textbooks. For example, in Clinical nutrition course, we as a students plan meals for different types of chronic diseases singularly; however, in the hospital you may find patients with more than one health condition which is challenging to us as a dietitian to prepare a healthy meals that have an adequate nutrients and suitable to their condition in the same time. Getting trained at the hospital shaped my personal believes of the importance of hands-on practice. Enrolling in critical creative thinking of life science course, which is a course that covers debatable nutrition topics, and being…

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