Health Promotion Assignment

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Health Promotion Assignment

1. Most people including Mrs.Black who suffer from functional incontinance are embarrassed and believe that incontinence is a normal part of aging unaware of treatment options (Potter & Perry, 5th edition). For example, completing a 24- 72 hour bladder diary which can show her when is the peak time of incontinence, and in turn will help her maintain a routine to promote normal voiding (Potter & Perry, 5th edition). Maintaining a routine of voiding every hour and after every meal might decrease her incontinence (Brunner & Suddarth, 2nd edition).
“Patients with urinary incontinence often reduce fluid intake because they believe this will help keep them dry” (Potter & Perry, 5th edition, p. 1135). Reduced fluid intake
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Mrs Smith has to implement regular exercise in her daily routine to increase her lung capacity. Elderly with decreased lung capacity are more prone to respiratory infections (Brunner & Suddarth, 2nd edition). Exercise will also build her stamina so she does not keep experiencing shortness of breath.
Mrs Smith could get an apartment on ground floor to eliminate use of stairs, which could also save her from potential falls. Another option is an apartment in buildings that are equipped with elevators, such as senior buildings. It is also easy to carry groceries and produce where elevators are available for use.

5. Mr Bobby’s family and friends can learn how to ignore his outbursts and not react to them. He is obviously embarrassed about his inappropriate responses and is trying to isolate himself from his social life.
I would point out to Mr Bobb to be careful with his medication use, because medication can counterattack each other and cause undesirable side effects, such as his inappropriate responses (Brunner & Suddarth, 2nd edition). Also to make sure he is taking his medication at appropriate times and not to skip a dose, or take more medication than what is prescribe to him by his doctor. Weekly pills dispenser are cost efficient and it will make it easier for him to know how many and which medication to take each

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