A Health And Social Care Essay

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In a health and social care setting, such as a residential care home for the elderly, effective communication is vital. I say this because without effective communication service users such as the elderly might not understand or may become confused; making misunderstandings more likely to occur. Effective communication is any sort of communication that works and you can easily convey emotions or thoughts to another person. Contexts is the situation a person is involved in when using effective communication. One to one discussions is an example of contexts. Health and social care workers, such as nurses or care takers, have one to one discussions with service users. One to one discussions are beneficial because the conversation is intimate, private and allows a person to become more focused on what is said. It promotes a bond (trust) between service users and health and social workers; allowing the service user to feel more at ease and comfortable. Group discussions, however, promote a healthy relationship between a group of people like the elderly. They allow people to interact and get to know each other. Group discussions often involve people who have similarities or have things in common with one another; making them more at ease. On the other hand different service users in a group may have a preferred way of communicating making it hard for others to understand them. Another disadvantage of using group discussions is that the discussions are not private or intimate…

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