Essay on A Healing Hospital

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Current health care structure is in crisis. Due to accumulating insurance restrictions regarding compensation and rising mismanagement expenses, doctors are forced to visit numerous patients daily in a short period of time (Puchalski & McSkimming, 2006). Additionally, some hospitals try to control overheads by reducing the number of nurses assigned to patients. Physicians face the startling reality that the exceptional care they wish to provide requires more time than they have been allotted. In light of these setbacks, examining the components of a healing hospital, their relationship to spirituality, the prevailing challenges, and biblical aspects will provide a deeper understanding of meaningful patient care.
Components of a Healing Hospital and Their Relationship to Spirituality
When it comes to the subject of spirituality and healing hospitals, health care workers must remember that patients do not become one dimensional creatures when they enter the hospital. In fact, emotional requirements tend to intensify when the body is weak. Creating a healing environment for patients and medical staff is a complex challenge based on various cultural and personal inclinations. Healing can be considered a state of coherence between the body, mind, and soul. A well-supported connection between the physical and spiritual needs of a patient encourages a holistic recovery and sustained health. Along with other aspects, research has suggested that certain design alterations in health…

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