A Harmonious Association Of Parents And Children United By Love And Trust

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“A harmonious association of parents and children united by love and trust” (?, 19) has captivated American people as a model for the ideal families for over half a century now. This model family, or nuclear family, is identified by a suburban fantasy of the bread winning father, housewife, 2.5 kids, maybe a dog, and white picket fence. Portrayed in the media since the early 1950’s, shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Leave it to Beaver” prorogated the model family though positive and negative reinforcement. This model that was showcased in the media during the 1950’s has remained a constant theme in media ever since, and modern day television shows portray an evolved view of model families. A television show aired 2003 until 2006, “Arrested Development, “ portrays a view of the modern family that observes the negative effects or unseen drama of modern families through satire.
As the Second World War came to an end, and all the soldiers came back to the United States, the 1950’s family experiment began. After two decades of hardships, Americans experimented with a new kind of family, a secure and private immediate family. This set up provided distraction from anxieties of political witch-hunts, the cold war, and racial tensions. (Coontz, 30) The sharp change came with men coming back from the war, woman quitting their jobs, community subsidies, wide spread availability of veteran’s benefits, the GI Bill that paid most college tuition of veterans, mandated raises in minimum wage…

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