A Hard Shove For A Nation On The Brinks Essay

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Lisa Cozzens, “A Hard Shove for a “Nation on the Brinks”: The Impact of the Dred Scott”, was a paper about the decision the Federal Supreme Court Justices made in regards to the freedom statue of a slave that lived in a free state for a number of years prior to his owners death that originally lived in a slave state. It caused a member of the Federal Supreme Court to resign. It initiated scrutiny amongst the two political parties toward the constitution , the Missouri compromise and the position of the federal supreme court must of all this decision lead to a four year long civil war amongst the southern states against the northern states to eliminate slavery as a whole even in the newly claimed territory in the west. Ms. Cozzens paper gives answers to the question, did the verdict of the Dredd Scott v. Sandford case in federal Supreme Court cause a deeper split within a country already divided on the issue of slavery. She proves that the Scott’s case left America in “shocks and throes and convulsions” that only the complete eradication of slavery through war could cure as well as noticing that the Supreme Court ruling in the Dred Scott v. Sandford helped hasten h arrival of the American Civil War, primarily After reading this paper a few time by further polarizing the already tense relations between Northerners and Southerners.
Cozzens begins with the origin of the Scott v. Sandford case. She gives a clear understanding as to why Mr. Dred want to sue his owns wife and…

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