Essay about A Happy Day

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The whistling of a joyful tune would give the impression of a happy day. The jingle alluding to a day full of flowers spreading their appendages, to great the golden orbs light; all around children playing in fields, families celebrating the bonds of blood, lovers joining flesh to reach bliss, yes that tune would signal a very good day. This tune of delight fell from plum colored lips as the woman moved back and forth within the confines of the basement. She organized the room to best fit the situation, for no two moments were the same, but each moment required delicate and precise care. Spreading a white sheet upon the table and placing the carefully polished utensils in order to which they would be used.
She heard a thump from above; glancing over everything one last time she walked up the stairs, opened the door, walked down the hall. Turning the knob of a door to reveal a coral colored room scattered with toys, books, crayons, and random trinkets. In the center was a tiny body hidden behind the white curtain shielding the underneath of the bed and the body of the pale soles sticking out. She walked closer, hearing rummaging beneath the bed, and a look of amused curiosity on her face to see what the other was doing. She slightly tapped the sole of the foot and a squeak was heard, slowly the body scooted out backwards from beneath the bed revealing the smokey topaz body of young girl wearing an emerald skort, a shirt of the hundred original Pokémon, and thick rimmed…

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