A Guide For Game Day Preparation Essay

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The Difference between Hoping, and Expectation- A Guide for Game Day Preparation
During soccer season, players are trained to prepare, plan, and practice. They have mastered, and learned different plays to confuse, and conquer a competitor. In the event of a lapse of preparation of the mind or body, the player’s performance will suffer. Prior planning and preparation will ensure the prevention of poor performance. While planning and preparation is required in many aspects of life, this guide will specifically focus on a college, or high school level soccer game. To adequately prepare the mind and body is to win the game before the whistle ever blows!
Ninety minute games, a field 120 yards long, and a consistently moving ball can add up to an exhausting running distance for soccer players. Statistics put the average distance ran at 7 miles per game depending on the player’s position, and as much as 9.5 miles for some players. Needless to say, the body must have physical endurance to last throughout the entire game. One missed “clutch” play because a player ran out of mental or physical energy can end their season, as well as future opportunities. To ensure one is in shape, an early start to preparation is the key.
The first recommendation is to start training 4-6 weeks in advance. Experts, and coaches agree this allows adequate time to get the body into the shape needed to perform optimally. However, depending on the player this can vary, but devoting five days a week to…

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