A Growing Student For Walden University Essay

821 Words Sep 28th, 2015 4 Pages
When reviewing myself as a growing student for Walden University I can truly say that this is a journey that I am well prepared for. Unlike most individuals in today’s society, I have adapted to taking classes online with a much rather relaxed contribution. This goes along with being a student for Walden University. As a Walden student, I consider myself to be well prepared and a great task fulfiller due to my online experience. When looking at Walden and the tools that it has to provide, I can honestly say that it is a system that is well prepared for the student. However, when looking at the tools provided for the student this is where I believe things begin to become interesting. It seems that Walden has provided tools such as the discussion board, Grades, Calendar, Journals, Tasks, sending emails and much more. In many ways these tools play a significant role when trying to complete a bachelors program. For example, the link for looking up grades, helps that individual with staying on top of what is required for class. This goes for all assignments that are due past and present. Something that caught my eye while looking at the different tools for class was the assessment quiz. When looking at these different assessments, I was able to make out that I am a student, which has the time place and resource to be successful in my field of study. Some of my attributes include help seeking, persistence, time management, and locus of control. With these four characteristics,…

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