A Group Observation At Project Point Of Light Essay

774 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
I recently attended a group observation at Project Point of Light in Shippenville, Pennsylvania. The overall experience was a positive one. It was very interesting to talk to the members and hear their sides of the story. They truly are just human beings and I believe that meeting with them and having an opportunity to talk to them has somewhat changed my view of sex offenders overall. Though I am still confused by their behaviors, which is somewhat difficult to overcome, but I am more understanding of who they are because they are only human and they know they have made a mistake.
The men we interviewed were very kind and just wanted to be heard. They did not want to be judged by their crimes and past, they wanted us to understand that they were people to and they knew that they had made a mistake. It was very interesting to hear what they thought about the program and the phases of group. I wanted to know if they believed it was affective and if it helped them to become better individuals. The two men both believed that the phases were positive and helped them greatly. They had some negative things to say about it, but you could tell they just were complaining because they mostly had to put in the work.
Overall, the program seemed to be benefitting them. One thing I found interesting were the phases themselves and how they affected each group member. Both of the individuals we interviewed believed that one of the hardest phases to do was the one where an individual puts…

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