A Greater Sense Of Gun Reform Essay

1618 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Everyday across the United States roughly 89 citizens are killed related to an incorrect use of a firearm (Prevention Institute). There is no clear answer or explanation on how this happens, but we all know it’s gotten out of hand. Society is scared, parents worry about their children at school, couples cannot go to a movie or the mall without slight suspicion. We all want a safe solution, but there is no clear path to reach this goal. There needs to be an equal balance when creating new firearm laws, because the government still needs to cater to the recreational users. There are many different opinions, but I think we need to look a greater sense of gun reform. A national permit-to-purchase, also known as a PTP, would educate citizens further on firearms, also require a more in depth background check. By doing this, I believe the government would gain control of the distribution of firearms, which would overall reduce the number of mass shootings. October 1st 2015, a student turned into an active shooter and opened fired at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon leaving 9 dead (CNN, 2015). A study shows that up to this shooting in Oregon, in 2015 alone, 274 days have passed and 294 mass shootings have occurred (Washington Post, 2015). How many more innocent lives will be taken over such a demanding issue? American citizens have no control on the correct actions that need to be taken, so we all turn to the federal government. We see a direct relationship to mental…

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