A Great Similarity Between Bruce And Jay Gatsby From The Great Gatsby

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The strained relationship between Allison and her father is what creates such a interesting and confusing relationship between the two. Although her father and her are distanced, they both share very similar qualities and attributes. Their relationship is very interesting because while there seems to be no connection between the two on the surface, as we invest deeper within the book and dig into their relationship, the secret relationship is uncovered. The uniqueness of their relationship lies not within each other but the relationships that they hold with their other family members. In both Fun Home and The Great Gatsby, the two main male characters live parallel lives consisting of a yearning for power, misconception of lifestyle, and a desperate act for love. There is a great similarity between Bruce and Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Back in high school when I had first read the book about Gatsby, I was in awe and credited much of his success back to himself. Jealous of the lifestyle he lived and all the luxuries that he possessed. Not only to realize that the deeper I went within the book the less and less appealing Gatsby’s life became. He lived a life full of money and power, but what price did he have to pay in order to receive this wealth. From the outside in; he is good looking, wealthy, happy, and loved. Looking deep into his life and the core relationships he held, his life was full of depression, loneliness, and regret. While Bruce…

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