A Great Mathematician 's Experience With Fantasy World And Real World

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What if everything that one believed to be true turns out to be false? What if something one thought that always is existed never actually existed? The movie A Beautiful Mind tries to answer those questions through a great mathematician’s experience with fantasy world and real world. Although the movie A Beautiful Mind focuses on the symptoms of schizophrenia and glosses over a schizophrenic mathematician’s life, it is an excellent movie because of the awards it received, the powerful deep dialogues, and the portrayal of a person’s internal struggle for happiness. John Nash, mathematician who was considered the brightest mind of the future, starts his complicated yet determined life when he starts attending at Princeton University in 1948. There, he meets his first delusional roommate Charles Herman whom John believed to be a real person at that time. Charles was the only person John had a close friendship with since he finds it hard to relate to the most people. As the movie progresses, new characters come up such as William Parker. He is supposedly a secret agent from the FBI who wants John to break the Russian code so that America can defend itself from any possible attack. To break the code, John starts to put magazine pages together to find clues, which made his wife, Alicia, suspicious about a possible mental disorder. John Nash is later diagnosed with schizophrenia, mental disorder that makes people lose in touch with reality, at the mental hospital where he…

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