A Great Leader Leads A Group, Organization Or Country

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A leader the person that is leads or commands a group, organization, or country. A good leader takes lead and has a great personality. They have courage and very clear vision with the ambition to succeed. A great leader encourages the team to perform to their optimum at all times and drive to their success. They have the ability to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and experience to complete a task (MAS, 2014). In today time, a leader needs to be able to truthful and passionate about what they are doing. They need to be able to be honest and not try put on to be perfect. Today has changed a lot since the great leaders previously and the world is very open and more diverse now than it was before. The people that leads has to be open to different people beliefs and views. A great leader in today time has to show they care and motivate others. A leader has to be honest, open minded, dedicated, and inspiring to their followers (Young, 2001).
A leader should always speak the truth. In business today, they tend to not want to be very honest about the truth. It became to a point people are saying things to please others and what the person what others want to hear. People are trying to look good in from a certain crowd. A leader is about been honest about situations. They do not talk mean to people, but
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Leaders are supposed to show their team that they are committed to the task just as well as they are (Rogers, 2015). They have to lead by example and it is a great feeling for them to see their leader working beside them trying to get the task done. By the leaders their commitment to the task as well, they will earn team respect and installed hardworking energy among staff. It important for leaders to show their commitment because they want their followers to understand they are working with them and not against them. They will earn a lot respect and more likely deliver the peak amount of quality work possible (Price,

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