A Graduate From Herkimer County Community College Essay example

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After I graduate from Herkimer County Community College, I am planning to continue ahead with my education to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Management. The college choices that I have in mind to transfer to are Lehman College or New York University. These two colleges are quite different in ways such as size, tuition and fees, financial aid, distance from home, social events, atmosphere and reputation.
The first difference between Lehman College and New York University is that Lehman College is a medium size school with a total population of 12,085 students. In contrast, New York University is a large size school with a total population of 58,547 students. However, New York University has slightly smaller class sizes than Lehman College.
Secondly, the tuition and fees of Lehman College is $6,408. On the other hand, New York University has a tuition and fees of $44,848. Although the tuition and fees are different, and Lehman College has the advantage of offering significantly cheaper tuition and fees than New York University, if I attend to New York University I will be earning considerably more salary than Lehman College after I graduate from there ($49,700 vs. $41,000).
Thirdly, in terms of the financial aid, Lehman College offers 3% more to undergraduates with grant aid support than New York University undergraduates (61% vs 58%). On one hand, Lehman College is slightly more difficult to get into than New York University: (23.3% vs. 26.0% Acceptance…

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