Essay about A Grace Of Every Line 's Aid

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Imagination may envelop the mind of Washington Irving’s readers with the satirical grace of every line’s aid. Traveling endlessly, Irving made use of the slightest details of everyday life and scenery throughout the beginning of the nineteenth century. His observances benefited his writing along with the troubles he faced as his life progressed. Born as the youngest of 11 children, in 1783 in New York City, Washington Irving was named for the commander of the Revolutionary War and first president of the new world. Following the lead of two of his older brothers, William and Peter, in literature, he was fond, but he turned towards law instead. The love for law soon dwindled; he still made a living off it for some time before going into business with Peter as a writer for his newspapers. His journey of writing started in 1803(Hart 320). Irving found relief in seclusion to the distant countries observing his surroundings for inspiration. “…always fond of visiting new scenes, and observing strange characters and manners.” These details were compacted within all his work; “I knew every spot where a murder or a robbery had been committed, or a ghost seen….and added greatly to my stock of knowledge” (Irving 1). He traveled to a wide majority of Europe writing wrote for many publishers and editors. Irving returned to the States after two or more years of seclusion at a time, once traveling for seventeen years. As he lost loved ones, managed his health, and once suffered…

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