A Good Man Is Hard For Get Essay

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“A Good Man is hard to get" is a novel that has a good construction in the context of the idea that the author wants to put across. Just like any other novel, there are many characters that have been used in this novel in order to help in the establishment of the plot and the presentation of the themes of the novel. I n this novel, the author has used various main characters such as the Misfit and his crew, the grandmother and her co family. However, there are also other minor characters whom the author used in order to help in the structuring of the pot. They have also been used with an aim to help the main characters to accomplish their role in the novel.

In order to playa their role perfectly; these characters have been constrained top express various character traits. Specifically for the Misfit, who is considered as the main character, he is a curious man. The misfit asks himself many questions about life that he does not seem to get answers. In most instances, he never stops to wonder why life has turned out to be so unfair to him. He is very curious to know how judgments are made and who might be a person with the right criteria for making the right judgment. He wonders why so many people have taken a wrong impression of him, and he claims that everybody accuses him falsely. For this reason, he asks himself many questions about the actual meaning of life to him. He feels like he has committed many things that are outrageous and wherever he would do; people may not…

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