Essay A Good Man Is Hard For Find By Flannery O ' Connor

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Southern Gothic literature is a literary genre in which the stories usually focus on grotesque themes and supernatural elements with damaged or delusional characters (Surber 1). Flannery O’Conner has been known to feature this writing style in her stories and has even claimed that “Anything that comes out of the South is going to be called grotesque by the northern reader, unless it is grotesque, in which case it is going to be called realistic” (Flannery O’Connor 1). Because she was raised in a Catholic family in the South, religion has heavily influenced her writing and can be seen throughout her stories. In fact, O’Conner has also not held back on using violence in her stories to demonstrate aspects of Catholicism. In “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” Flannery O’ Conner suggests that even morally wrong people can achieve redemption through the use of irony, religious undertones, and the acceptance of one’s sins.
Flannery O’Conner successfully builds up the Grandmother as a self centered person with no concern for others and uses her death to ironically show that even bad people can receive salvation. This can first be seen with the Grandmother’s obsession of being known as a “lady,” making it apparent how misguided her morals were by the end of the story. The Misfit is able to prove this by claiming that “She would have been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life” (O’Conner 11). Here, the irony of the Grandmother’s ideals can be seen…

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