A Good Life In Greek, Hebrews, And Mesopotamian

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What is a good life? In Greek it is pronounced as kali zoi, in Hebrew it is חיים טובים, but no matter how you say it the definitions are all the same. A good life is defined as “a life lived according to the moral and religious laws of one 's culture” (Good Life). Depending on an individual’s religion or personal beliefs these values can be interpreted in different ways. Over time the Greeks, Hebrews, and Mesopotamians all built strong cultures and left defining marks on history. Several of the defining characteristics are still major foot holds for society today in people 's christian views and for those who have an entirely different religious affiliations. The Mesopotamians were an interesting group of people. They were a group of people …show more content…
After the lower class are the slaves. The lower class kept the city running, they did the dirty jobs, while slaves worked the lands for the higher classes. Slaves gained their status by selling themselves or being captured (Mark). All of these positions were needed to run the cities. These same cities unlike those of the Greek and Roman people, never had a stable and unified civilization (Mark). These people lived their lives with a sense of faith in the gods to take care of them. They looked to higher powers to take care of them and protect them. This is similar to individuals today; however, Mesopotamians had several gods, whereas today most individuals believe in one god, and they also relied heavily on the class system. The strength of the kingdom was only as strong as those who ruled and those who ruled were strong based on the gods they had looking out for …show more content…
Aristotle views friendship as two souls becoming one. Those type of friendships are one in a million, but I can say my bond with all of my friends are just a strong as if they were my own family. My friends are what keep me grounded. They stop me from getting too high during the high points in life and too low during the low points in life. These same friends are people that I have known from a young age to guys who have been there for only a few years. My best friend is the first person to punch me in the face when I do something stupid, the same guy was the first person to show up at my house at four in the morning the night my dad died to give me a giant hug and tell me everything will be okay. This same person has only been in my life for eight years and for most of that we did not like each other. I have other friends who have been by my side for 16 years. When I am with these friends I can completely understand what Aristotle means when he speaks of the two souls merging into

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