Essay A Good Day At Work

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It feels so good when I let the top down on my convertible and feel the wind in my hair as I drive home from work. This would be a lovely night to have some sea food, a glass of wine and some pleasurable sex. Thinking to myself that is truly funny, when I am available for dating no one wants me. As soon as I’m dating someone, which is seems to be married men, they all want me. It seems that even when I try to get away from dating married men, I find out they are married and they are just hiding that truth. Today was a good day at work because I was able to sell a waterfront property, which means I can take it easy if I want the remainder of the week. It feels good to get out of that office because Melvin’s cologne was so strong it started to stink. Which is odd because he usually knows the right amount to put on and it smells so good. I had to walk outside several time to keep from throwing up in the waste basket next to my desk.
I took a hot shower and relaxed on the sofa after eating my home made salad. Aww, I must have dosed off because the phone startled me. When I went to walk in the kitchen to pick up the phone I felt dizzy and lost my balance and fell next to the dining room table. It scared me so bad that I threw up on the carpet right where I landed. “This is disgusting”. I said aloud as thou I was speaking to someone. It took me another 30 minutes to clean up my regurgitated dinner and regain my composure. I must be stressed out or depressed because I…

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