A Good Career Field For The Personality Type Istj Is Nursing Essays

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Facing Challenges
In the fields of personality types every person may have a different kind. Some may have INTJ, INTP, etc, or some may have ISTJ. ISTJ stands for Introverted (shy and reserved), Sensing (using emotion), Thinking (using the mind), and Judging (having an opinion about someone). ISTJ means that an individual can come off as quiet or reserved and he or she is also engaged in living in peace. (Merriam-webster dictionary)(Personality page paragraph 2) A good career field for the personality type ISTJ is nursing because they are caring. In the field of nursing, there will be several different challenges and obstacles ISTJs will have to go through. Some of these challenges include staying calm and patient, no matter how rigorous the situation may be. They will have to face these challenges by staying grounded, and always making reasonable decisions for themselves or others as they go into nursing.
One challenge ISTJ has to overcome in order to be successful in nursing is patience. Having patience in the nursing field is very important because when dealing with different patients there will be some who are pushier/aggressive than others, rather it be refusing treatment, being harmful to themselves or others, making decision for themselves, or by just being rude. When being a nurse and dealing with these types of patients, nurses cannot take certain things such as disrespect or foul language personally. Every nurse has to remember that every patient responds…

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