Essay A Good Came From The Holocaust

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If any good came from the Holocaust, it 's the lessons we can take away. It is easy to focus on the devastating aspects of something so cruel, but with an event such as this comes passion and remorse that can result in positive change and preventative action. Heinrich Himmler played a big role in this tragic event, and his actions perfectly illustrate these lessons. For one, it was made clearly evident that a group of few people can make a difference, negative or positive. Ultimately, all it took was Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and a select group of comrades to influence a nation to hate an innocent race in entirety. Additionally, the Holocaust sheds light on the fact that we are responsible for teaching our impressionable children what to believe. Particularly during the period of the Holocaust, many children were taught what to believe from a very young age and hatred and certain behaviors were instilled in them before they formed their own morals. Objectively, children could be taught kind and progressive ways of thinking that make for a bright generation. Most importantly, we should always choose love over hatred. This is a central idea associated with the Holocaust, and rightfully so, because this is a very valuable lesson and the tragic events that took place are powerful enough to learn from and always remember. Courtney 2
The Holocaust is primarily credited to Adolf Hitler, however there was a group of Nazis working alongside him to make his twisted dream a…

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