A Global Analysis Of Xylem Vessel Length Essay

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A Global Analysis Of Xylem Vessel Length In Woody Plants is a research paper published in the American Journal of Botany. Dr. Anna L. Jacobsen led the research efforts along with support from Dr. Pratt, Dr. Tobin, Dr. Hacke, and Dr. Ewers. The aims of their research were to explain the physiological role that xylem vessel length have on a plant 's hydraulic architecture. To effectively explain the relationship, researchers focused on a couple of key questions. First, they wanted to determine if vessel length could be divergent among plants that have different in ecological characteristics. Second, was to determine what traits affect plant vessel length. Third, was to see if there was a relationship between plant vessel length and diameter and how this relationship relates to plant hydraulic function. Lastly, researchers wanted to determine if the vessel length was phylogenetically conserved. Although there research is useful and is a good first step in providing insight on a topic not well explored, adjustments could be made in certain areas to better rely the experimental findings.
This research focused on knowledge within two fields, hydraulic function, and the xylem vascular tissue. Hydraulic architecture is the spatial pattern of the hydraulic resistances in a plant’s xylem (1). Understanding the hydraulic function can lead to a better understanding of plant’s vascular system and pathophysiology (2). With more insight in hydraulic function alternate methods to combat…

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